Modular Construction

As a leading supplier to its markets for over 40 years Radley Engineering has developed experience and in-depth knowledge of Modular construction/skid assembly’s. We offer a complete modular construction service, including the design, fabrication and assembly of skids and have completed major projects for national and multinational companies.

Modular Fabrication & Skid Mounted Assembly Systems

Radley Engineering design and manufacture a wide range of modular packages for the process industry. A process plant modularisation means a shorter project completion time by allowing site civil & facilities construction to happen simultaneously alongside process skid construction and pre-fabrication activities including:

  • Fabrication of steel frame
  • Assembly and painting of steel frame
  • Piping fabrication for skid unit
  • Piping installation on skid unit
  • Pre-testing of all pipe on skid
  • Painting, Insulating, Blasting & Cleaning of pipework
  • Full Roland labelling service is available in house for pipeline identification to the client’s specifications
  • Delivery to site
  • Full Commission of skids

Benefits At Every Stage Of The Project

Modular design means your system will be built in doors, under ideal workshop conditions. This ultimately leads to better quality and faster completion times. Other benefits include:

  • Fabrication
    • Shorter Lead Times
    • Standardised Work
    • Fabrication occurs in parallel with site civils
    • Start-up time is reduced as modules are shipped fully assembled and tested
  • Cost savings.
    • Modular design is built faster, thereby saving on labour and material costs
  • Life Cycle & Sustainability
    • Easily expandable
    • Potential for disassembly, reconfiguration and re-use
    • Safe to disassemble
  • High Quality Assembly & Fabrication.
    • Welding, pipe fitting and other fabrication process including equipment install are performed under ideal conditions.
  • Reduced Resource Requirements.
    • No extra

Other Capabilities

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